Same Day Implants or Traditional?

Same Day Implants New York, NY

Same day implants are becoming a popular and more common way to replace teeth. If you are looking for the right method to fill in the gaps in your tooth, this could be an appealing treatment. Some patients and dentists still prefer the traditional way of putting in dental implants. This option takes much more time but is still effective at restoring smiles and the function of your mouth. You can make a good choice for your health as you understand how these both work.

Why people need implants

Teeth are meant to last a lifetime. The enamel layer of a tooth is the strongest substance in the body. If a person takes good care of their teeth, they should stand up to wear and tear. However, poor habits such as infrequent brushing and flossing can cause decay and infections. As a result, teeth can become loose and fall out.

Some people lose teeth after biting into a hard food or object. Accidents and injuries can also cause tooth loss and cause a person to consider same day implants. A hard blow to the face from a fall can dislodge a tooth. Getting hit in the mouth while playing sports is also a cause for tooth loss.

How dental implants work

Traditional dental implants are made of three parts: a titanium post, an abutment, and a natural-looking crown. The dentist will first make impressions of the mouth so that a technician can create the crown in a lab. Meanwhile, in the dentist’s office, the patient will make at least three more visits during the process. At the first visit, the dentist numbs the patient, makes an incision in the gums, and then drives the post deep into the jawbone. There is a healing period and a chance for the post and bone to fuse together.

A few months later, when the patient is ready, the next step occurs. Here, the dentist again numbs the patient and reopens the gums, exposing the top of the post. The dentist places an abutment on the post, making it visible above the gums. Once the patient’s gums have healed, one more visit takes place. At this point, the dentist can place the crown on the abutment.

How same day implants work

With the same-day option, the patient does not have to wait for several months to get implants and the crown. Instead, the dentist will load the implants right after extracting any teeth or doing any other preliminary work. The dentist will place the implants in the same manner as with traditional implants. With this method, the dentist will firmly secure the implants in place with a bridge so they will not move. To ensure that the bone and implants fuse, the patient must not disturb the implants and therefore must adopt a diet free of hard, chewy, or sticky foods.

A different option for a new smile

Want to avoid multiple trips to the dentist’s office and a long process? If you are missing teeth, same day implants could be the right solution. You can get the smile you have wanted and once again have the full use of your mouth. Talk to your dentist today to see whether you are a good candidate.

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