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With the advancements in dental technology, replacing natural teeth now has multiple options for the patient. Patients are no longer limited to dentures or living with a gap in their smile. While dental implants are a regular and effective tooth replacement option, mini dental implants are becoming the preferred choice for patients.

Mini dental implants offer several benefits over traditional implants and is a featured service at our center. We can help to restore functionality and appearance in your smile. Other people who do not seek treatment to replace a missing tooth only increase the risk of other oral health and general health issues such as heart disease down the line.

If you need to replace missing or infected teeth, then call us to learn how our mini dental implants can be the solution for you.

New York DMD is The New York Mini Dental Implant Center for the “Mini Dental Implant Centers of America”.

What are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini Dental Implants are miniature titanium implants that anchor your missing tooth or teeth to restore you to your normal form and function. The head of the implant can be shaped like a ball, and the retaining fixture becomes the socket that contains a rubber O-ring.

The O-ring clicks on top of the ball when the tooth, bridge or denture is attached into place, with a little pressure. When connected, the dentition sits comfortably on the gum tissue. The mini dental implant allow for micro-mobility.

Mini Dental Implants is a popular option to support fixed crowns, bridgework or dentures for those who are keen on embracing the feeling of having total control again of your own set of newer, stronger, life like, healthy looking teeth.

Why Mini Dental Implants?

  • Replace missing teeth and stabilize loose dentures immediately
  • Preserve bone structure for optimal control in smiling, eating, speaking, and breathing.
  • No more fixed or removable appliances
  • New found charisma and confidence in more youthful appearance
  • Instant Permanent smile restoration
  • Call us NOW for your free consultation!

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Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

People considering a traditional dental implant or other options will want to review the benefits of mini dental implants first. One issue that many people have with other tooth replacement options, such as dentures, is the difficulty with keeping them in the mouth. Dentures are notorious for falling out or loosening over time. People who need dental implants may be struggling with:

  • – Missing permanent teeth due to decay or periodontal disease
  • – Being edentulous (Missing an entire arch or all teeth)
  • – An infection so bad, the tooth must be removed and replaced
  • – Damaged teeth from an accident or injury
  • – Medically compromised health (Osteoporosis, diabetes, etc…)
  • – Those with insufficient bone and/or density of jawbone.

With mini dental implants, patients will not have to worry about the risk of the teeth falling out when eating, speaking or laughing. Along with that, mini dental implants are durable and effective. Here is more information on the benefits of mini dental implants.

Smaller Size, Same Effect

While mini dental implants are smaller than the average dental implant, they still have the same effect. The mini dental implants are inserted into the jawbone through a pin hole or in the empty socket of the missing tooth. The implants consist of a titanium post that will fuse with the jawbone in a process known as osseointegration.

By stimulating the jawbone, mini dental implants will also help to prevent resorption of the jaw melting away, thus preserving the facial structures and features.The process of resorption occurs when there is no tooth to stimulate a specific area of the jawbone. Without stimulation, the body will leach calcium from the jawbone for other areas of the body. This can alter the bone structure in the face and one’s overall appearance.

They do not Require as Much Jawbone

One issue some people have when looking into traditional dental implants is that they do not have enough jawbone to support the implant and cannot get dental implants. Due to this, they may end up with dentures or another option that is not permanent.

Since mini dental implants are smaller, they do not require as much bone for placement. Thus, many people who cannot get traditional dental implants supporting teeth or dentures will have a higher chance of getting mini dental implants.

They do not Require Extensive Care

With dentures, people have to take them out each night to clean them. Mini dental implants remain in the jaw and only require a brief brushing and flossing routine to ensure there is no food stuck between them. Many prefer this option since there are no extra steps they need to go through to take care of the implants.

Typically Only Requires One Visit

When a patient needs more bone for traditional dental implants, we may recommend a bone graft procedure that adds more bone to the jaw. This can lengthen the dental implant process by several months and result in multiple appointments. With mini dental implants, it is possible to complete the entire procedure in one visit.

Fewer Follow-Up Appointments are Necessary

With mini dental implants, the patient will not need multiple appointments for adjustments. With most dentures, patients will need to schedule regular appointments for adjustments and relines as the jaw melts away. Fortunately, the patient may only need one follow-up appointment for mini dental implants if there are any issues. In many cases, the patient can return home and continue with a normal routine that day.

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The first step to seeking mini dental implants is to call us and schedule an appointment. With a faster recovery time and decreased need for extensive care, mini dental implants are an efficient tooth replacement option.

You do not need to struggle with missing teeth and the resulting oral health issues. As a mini implant dentist, our treatment and oral surgery can help you replace your teeth with an effective and natural-looking solution. Restore your smile today and continue on the path toward a healthier future.